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Vert addictives ans funny!

Very good game but it crash all the times

The game crash all the times

Nice game but crashes

Crashes all the time on iPad air 2. Cannot continue on iPhone a game startes on iPad, why there is Cloud??? Nice game btw.


This version is more fun that before one.


Great game to fans of the franchise or newcomers


Rpg+gestão, otimo storytelling


Great game, must-have for fans of the Fallout series and alao for those that just like simulators And the last update just made it better!

Great, for a mobile game

Many hours of fun gameplay and in-app purchases arent at all needed to do well in the game. The wait times can get a bit long and annoying if you want to binge play but by now thats pretty much expected of a mobile game.

Very good, but....

The games is awesome, with the huge upgrade it just got better. One thing that ir really bad is the radscorpion attack on the vault, its totally nonsensce, my vault has all the floors with some room, but a lot of them doesnt have dewellers on it, and he keep changing room, doesnt go as the others attacks as mole rats, that go to the room on the side, the radscorpion just appear in a random room. Its attack is so strong that when it hits a room with 6 lvl 50 dewellers, with legendary outfit and legendary weapons almost kill them all, amd with a giant radiation, such thing doesnt happen on a quest, when 3 lvl 50 deweller can kill a room full os radscorpions. To top the worst thing about this creature is the energy that it takes away, i have a 6k energy reserve, one quick attack takes almost half of my energy stock, its awful, i take almost a entire day to produce all the energy again. Please fix this, it takes all the fun away.

Great Game

Thats a great game. Lots of fun. Can spend hours playing it. Recommended!

Quest system

Quest system is awesome! I hope Bethesda bring even more and keep adding.

Ótimo jogo.

Melhor jogo free-to-play.

Game error

I had an big vault,but when I download the new version I lost everything....Dont download this crashed game.

You are joking with me right ?

I waited 47 minutes for the loading !!!! Are u kidding ? When the game finally open I played for 10 minutes and it crashes and I ll need to wait more half hour to play again ? Nop ! The game is a great idea , buy the process its a **** , can u update fastly pleeeeeease ??? Iphone 4 with ios 7.3, I know its old but if I can download , it should be good , now please work in the update for me and others wait less and play more


But would be better if we were alowed also to explore the wasteland without the quests


very nice game!





Perfect Game

Best Game Ever

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